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Inge van Rensburg
Annami Mailovich
Marizanne Knoesen
Lizelle Lötter
Anja Lubbe
Lodie de Jager



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What is Africa our Home?

On Friday 8 May 2009 a very special FSA journey started.

We left Naboomspruit, South Africa, where the head office of the FSA Youth Exchange is, early morning.Our final destination was Cairo, Egypt, many thousands of kilometers further north.

We were be three people travelling together. I was the driver and navigator. Our co-sponsor from Germany, Anja Lubbe, was with the whole time. One ex-FSA participant accompanied us per sector. There were four sectors.

On the FSA website we invited ex-participants to apply. We were looking for vibrant, positive young South Africans who would like to discover the beauty of Africa with us, all under the motto of "Africa our Home".

We at the FSA believe there is no perfect world, no perfect country. We are born in Africa, and we want to continue living in Africa. It would be a dream to think that our life here would be without problems. No, we know there are many challenges and many obstacles.

But, as we are alive, we believe one can tackle problems and deal with it. We don't want to go away. We want to live and prosper in Africa, in South Africa.

The so-called dark continent to our north is not our enemy. It is our partner. There are good governments and there are not so good governments. We believe any change must come from the people, not from those high and mighty eagles (or vultures) high above.

That was the message that we were going to spread. We were on a discovery journey to meet our brothers and sisters up north. There were be testing situations, but we dealt with all obstacles and problems that we'd encountered. 

Sector 1:

From South Africa the three of us travelled to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. We reached Nairobi on 21 May 2009.

In Nairobi Inge left us and returned to South Africa. Our next participant, Annami, joined us in Nairobi.

Sector 2:

The second sector was probably be the hardest of the whole trip. We crossed the two stone deserts of northern Kenya  where armed bandits still roam those wide and desolated plains.

From Kenya we travelled to Ethiopia. We arrived in Addis Ababa on 5 June 2009. In Addis Ababa Annami left the tour and returned to South Africa. Marizanne, the third ex-FSA student, joined us in Addis.

Sector 3:

During the next two weeks we travelled through Ethiopia and descended to the desert plains of Sudan. The next six weeks were scorching hot as we crossed the Sahel and later the Nubian desert, part of the Sahara, during mid-summer.

We arrived in Khartoum, Sudan, on 19 June 2009. We said goodbye to Marizanne, the third member of the crew, and Lizelle, the last ex-FSA student, joined us there.

Sector 4:

Leaving Khartoum the mighty hot and dry desert was our only companion for the next 4 weeks. We didn't take the direct route to Wadi Halfa but zig-zagged to different villages and oases where we met the most interesting people. 

There is only one way to leave from Sudan to Egypt, and that is by the weekly ferry between Wadi Halfa and Aswan, Egypt. We left Sudan by ferry on 1st July 2009.

It took us about three days to get our vehicle into Egypt. From Aswan we travelled through the Western Desert until we got to the pyramids of Giza and then Cairo.

From Cairo Lizelle flew back to South Africa. Anja and myself drove the bakkie the last few hundred kilometers to Alexandria from where it was shipped back to South Africa.

Our four FSA students wrote daily reports on the trip and our experiences. 


The two sponsors of this trip were the FSA Youth Exchange and Anja Lubbe from Siegen, Germany. Without the contribution of Anja, especially with shipping the vehicle back to South Africa, Africa our Home would have stayed a dream.