Our Wildlife


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foto 01.jpg (173275 bytes) - A female leopard on the hunt one late afternoon during the winter of 2005.

foto 03.jpg (158229 bytes) - I fell in love with this beautiful female leopard. Timbavati July 2005.

foto 02.jpg (159578 bytes) - If you can see the colour of an elephant's eye you are too close to the animal!

foto 06.jpg (100783 bytes) - We were too close!

foto 04.jpg (165274 bytes) - Cape buffalo. Big herd in the Timbavati.

foto 05.jpg (113154 bytes) - This roaring male lion passed our vehicle within 3 meters! Thornybush July 2005

foto 07.jpg (147790 bytes) - King of the animals, or so they say. Thornybush July 2005

foto 08.jpg (125240 bytes) - One of my favourites. Thornybush July 2005

foto 09.jpg (239333 bytes) - I managed to take three photographs of this male leopard before his front paws touched the ground again! Thornybush July 2005

foto 10.jpg (121910 bytes) - Mr Bad Temper, a buffalo bul, feared by hunters in Africa.