Feedback from ex-participants and their parents

Ons vorige deelnemers en ouers aan die woord

On behalf of our family, I would like to thank you and the FSA organisation for all your assistance in making Courtney’s trip to Germany such a wonderful experience.  She loved her time spent with the Buddes who really welcomed her as a part of their family.


Courtney also thoroughly enjoyed the 3 cities tour where she made some wonderful lifelong friendships with some of her FSA counterparts.


Her FSA experience to Germany and the 3 cities tour will remain very special memories for the rest of her life.

We also thank you for the opportunity you have given to our daughter. This is really a ground breaking experience to her.This project has given Refilwe an immeasurable and priceless lifetime experience. 

We can’t wait to be reunited with her again on Wednesday. It feels like she has been away for a year now. But anyhow her absence has been for a good course.



Warm regards


Refiwe’s parents

My time here in Germany has thought me so many things. It’s taught me to see differences from an open minded perspective.  I’ve learnt to always stay true to who you are, no matter where you are or go to.  I have definitely become a more extroverted, and confident person.  My host family has become my second family. I couldn’t have been paired up with a better family. They’re the absolute best! My host sister might visit me for two weeks in South Africa next year.

Ons wil net vir u en die FSA program baie dankie sê vir n wonderlike ervaring. Ons het die hele proses as baie positief ervaar en ons is baie dankbaar dat Thinette wel gekies was vir die program.


Thinette het dit baie geniet, sy is ook so dankbaar vir die geleentheid en vir die familie waar sy geplaas was. Thinette sal ook nog vir u n briefie skryf.


Ons kind het beslis verryk terug gekom van Duitsland af.


Ons bemark ook die geleentheid deur FSA aan almal wat ons teëkom, want dit is n besonderse geleentheid. 

Thank you so much for arranging such an amazing experience for Declan. He had the most unbelievable time!

There was not one thing that Declan complained about and has said that he could have stayed with his family for another 6 months easily. They thoroughly spoilt him and really went over and beyond to show him as much of Bunsbruttel and Hamburg that they could. They are an amazing family and we are looking forward to seeing them in South Africa when they come and visit next month.

I will definitely not hesitate to recommend the FSA programme to anyone as it was such a wonderful experience all round!

 I wanted to thank you for an awesome program. Imaad is a changed boy (and I’m not just saying this) – he is different – everything about him! He is more patient, more appreciative and more aware. I want to say “wakker” – but perhaps it’s not the correct word. He truly and thoroughly enjoyed himself. I think he may not (always) have gotten along with the host boy (from what I’ve heard) and there were some minor issues (which  he undertook to resolve on his own), but that aside he made the best of a difficult situation. The parents treated him very well and he only good things to say about them. THANK YOU for the awesome opportunity. This is truly an amazing program.

Thank you so much for the welcoming words and your encouragement of Ruan throughout the process. He enjoyed the time in Germany thoroughly and the family was a perfect match! The way the programme was organised fro SA and in Germany was amazing – a huge THANK YOU to everyone from FSA!

Thank you so much for affording Rebecca the opportunity of this experience.  I have been very pleased by the FSA’s constant communication as well as skills in matching the children with their families.


Rebecca did not want to come home 🙂 and had the best time while away. She says she also believes she had the best family compared to her friends who also went.  The Familie Haase spoilt her and kept going with activities and outings, never leaving Rebecca alone or bored (although they gave her the option).  She saw so much and experienced so much with the family and is still in contact with them.  I have also had much contact with Sanny Haase and hope to see them when they come on a possible holiday to SA in 2019.  They have done more for my daughter than I could ever have asked for.


Thank you again for your emails, prompt responses to queries and for the standard you set in your program.  I will recommend the FSA to anyone I hear of considering an exchange program.


I will also ask Rebecca to see if she can get any referrals and whether she would be willing to speak at your info day, which we found very valuable!.


Please thank all your staff involved.

Evening Alta

i just wanted to say the co-ordination of the whole exchange was really spot on,and i really enjoyed the whole experience.

thank you for all the close communication and also the matching with the families were really good,i really enjoyed being with my family and learning more about the culture and the language. i would honestly now feel 100% comfortable in doing a 6 month exchange,just because of the amazing experience i had,thank you,and all your FSA colleagues.

kind regards 


Ek wil net vir tannie baie dankie sê vir die Frankryk en Switzerland toer. Ek en die ander het ons gate uit geniet en sal altyd die lekker tyd onthou. Die natuurskoon het skoon my asem weggeslaan. Sonder tannie sou ons nie so lekker toer kon hê nie. En dan ook baie dankie v al die moeite en harde werk wat tannie ingesit het vir ons keuringsproses n hele paar maande terug vir ons om aan hierdie uitruilprogram deel te kon neem. Ek het só baie uit hierdie ervaring geleer van ander en van myself. Ek sal hierdie program vir enige kind aanbeveel. 


Celeste is back home again and very happy about her experiences in Germany & Switzerland. It was not always easy for her being so far away from home, but she says that she is very happy she did this adventure. She did learn a lot about her family and German way and traditions. Her family really did a lot to make her feel at home and did their best to show her a bit of Germany.


It was an experience that she will recommend to many people wondering whether or not they should do an exchange.


Thank you for everything you and FSA did to make this happen.

Sincerest thanks for an incredible experience – Maxine has certainly returned home all grown up!

I have attached – fyi – correspondence that has taken place between the host family and us since Maxine’s return.

And to commend you on the planning and logistics – not a stone was left unturned!

With grateful thanks and warm regards,

Kind regards


Beste Alta


Vir almal wat ek teekom vertel ek met trots van hierdie wonderlike voorreg. Ek dank ook God dat hy haar naam tussen die bevoorregte leerders geplaas het. 

Ek wil julle span komplimenteer met die goeie organisasie en ekstra myl wat julle vir ons kinders geloop het. 


Michane het vir my met elke boodskappie gegroei. dit is so duidelik herkenbaar in die manier wat sy dinge hanteer en ervaar. Ek wil julle ook bedank met die goeie keuse van gasheergesin. Sy het menigde maal vir my gesê dat dit niks anders as by die huis voel nie en dat daar baie ooreenkomste is in die huishoudelike uitgangspunte. 


Op Michane self is ek baie trots. Sy het nie een keer gekla of gehuil nie. Sy”t gaan draf en pragtige videotjies gestuur. Sy het haar gesin as geliefd ervaar en het die vermoë getoon om ruimte te laat vir persoonlikheidsverskille. Sy was volgens wat ek ervaar het ‘n perfekte uitruilstudent.


Sy het geabsorbeer, en vergelyk en eie sienings ondersoek. Ek loof God vir die voorreg om so ‘n pragtige kind te mag grootmaak.


Ek sluit af met ‘n boodskappie wat sy in verlede week vir my gestuur het wat baie aansluit by die epos wat ek van te vore ontvang het.


Ek haal aan ” ek wonder wat is die program se doel … om kinders die geleentheid te gee om die wêreld te sien of om hulle self te vind en op hulle eie voete en denke te gebruik. Ek ervaar meer die tweede een…dink vir ‘n slag groei ek op my eie twee voete”


Wat wil ouer meer as dit hoor!


Nogmaals baie dankie van twee opreg dankbare ouers.


Andre en Anza

Oulike artikel op Netwerk24 van onlangse deelnemers se ervaring in Duitsland

Hi FSA-family,
Hope you are all doing well?
I can’t believe 2015 is coming to an end. 
Oh my goodness, today exactly one year ago I got on a plane, with a big group of excited participants and we were off to Germany where we would meet our new “Families.” I was scared, but excited at the same time. I made a lot of new friends and got to see parts of the world I never thought I’d see.
Tomorrow a year ago, I saw the 3 happy faces of the D family waiting for me at the Bremen Bahnhoff. We just got along so well. That one hour drive from Bremen to Nordenham went by so quickly, because we couldn’t stop talking. And then I was welcomed into their lovely home with open arms. I won’t forget that first slice of toast with Nutella and some delicious warm tea. Can’t believe that time went by so fast!!!
I am just so happy that they were my host family and that I got to meet them. We talk almost every day and are saving money for our next visit to each other. Each day that goes by I think of them and I miss them dearly. Can’t wait to see my second family again.
This year I will enjoy a warm, sunny Christmas in my hometown Wellington with maximum temperatures close to 40°C.
I wish you all at FSA South Africa and FSA Germany a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Ich wünsche Ihnen allen bei FSA Südafrika und FSA Deutschland ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein glückliches Neues Jahr.
Kind regards,
(December 2014 – January 2016 participant)

Geagte FSA familie.

Met hierdie e-pos wil ek u bedank vir die geleentheid wat ek destyds kon kry om aan die program deel te neem. Ek was nie te lank terug ‘n FSA uitruilleerling nie (2012 December- Januarie 2013). Die vriendskappe wat ek opgedoen het, my kennis wat verbreed het, en sommer alles wat ek daar opgedoen het, het my laat inspireer om Duits as vak te neem op universiteit. Ek is tans ‘n student aan die Universiteit van Wes-Kaapland. Met my tweede jaar in Duitse onderrig het my doesent mede studente en myself aansoek laat doen vir ‘n beurs om deur die DAAD te studeer, (German Academic Exchange Services) .

Op 4 November kry ek antwoord dat my aansoek goed gekeer was . Met al die blydskap en voorbereidings het dit my weereens laat herriner aan my tyd op die FSA program. As dit nie vir u was wat die deure oopgemaak het nie sou ek nie eers oorweeg het om aansoek te doen nie. Met die mooie gesindheid en dankbaarheid wat ek gehad het(nogsteeds het) en teenoor my gasfamilie oopenbaar het,het hulle my weer genooi om oor die kersseisoen saam hulle te spandeer. Mens se gesindheid en ontvangs teenoor andere kan deure oop of toe maak.

Ek begin met my program die 7 Januarie in Freiburg maar vertrek reeds die 22 December en keer vroeg genoeg terug in Februarie sodat ek met my 3de jaar kan begin.

Weereens dankie vir alles, dit koester ek verseker in my hart.

Oom Lodie sou trots wees vandag op almal wat deel is/was van FSA
Alles wat mooi is met die kersseisoen en nuwe jaar wat voorlê

Vriendelike groete

‘n Vinnige email om weer dankie te se vir wat FSA vir my gedoen he!. Ek was in 2012/2013 n uitruilstudent gewees en wag nou 13 jaar later by Melbourne se lughawe om my sussie in Australie te verwelkom! Ek het haar wel 7 jaar terug laas gesien, maar ons families het nog heeltyd kontak behou! Is dit nie wonderlik nie?!


Weereens baie dankie!


Ek het aan die Junie/Julie 2008 uitruilprogram na Duitsland deelgeneem. Ek het in Jever in die noorde van Duitsland by die familie J gebly vir die maand. Gedurende die maand het ek ongelooflike ondervinding opgedoen en ook goeie vriendskapsbande met die hele gesin gesmee. 


Ek het daarna kontak met die gesin behou en in Desember 2012 het ek en my gesin in Duitsland by die J-gesin in Jever vir 4 dae gekuier. My ouers het ook dadelik groot vriende met die Janssen gesin geword en kontak gehou nadat ons terug gekom het. Ons gesin van Suid-Afrika en die J-gesin in Duitsland het groot vriende geword. 


Die afgelope week het Jo en Gitte J by my en my gesin op die plaas in die Vrystaat kom kuier nadat hulle op `n 2 weke lange toer in die Kaap was. Ons het vreeslik lekker gekuier en vir hul die hele omgewing gewys. Die vriendskapsbande het versterk. Die afskeid op die lughawe het met baie trane gepaard gegaan. 


Ons Suid Afrikaanse gesin en die J-gesin van Duitsland voel nou al so goed soos familie en hopelik kan ons nog baie in die toekoms by mekaar kuier. 


Ek het dit goed gedink om dit met u te deel om rede die FSA program die rede vir die ontstaan van die vreindskap was. Daarom wil ek ook net vir u baie dankie en baie geluk sê met die wonderlike program, dit het goeie vriende van Duitsland in my en my gesin se lewe gebring. Ons het baie kennis van die lewenswyse van die mense van Duitsland so opgedoen en hulle kultuur en gewoontes leer ken. Die Duitsers se kennis van Suid – Afrika het geweldig verbreed na hul kuier hier.